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Which character from the canon would you like to see appear in one of the currently running adaptations (BBC Sherlock/Elementary)?


My automatic answer for both is Victor Trevor, mainly because some uni backstory for Holmes would be such an interesting thing to explore, and I’ve read so many interesting fanfics and other things about the potential person that he could have been.

I’d also really like to see the copper beeches or blue carbuncle , so violet hunter or henry baker. :D

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One of the lovely things about Sherlock Holmes is that about half the villains are men trying to steal their step-daughter’s (or other woman’s) inheritance. And Holmes is always absolutely on the women’s side. This is important, this is what needs to be carried over to modern adaptations, this is why we are here.



Joan and Sherlock + tropes

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We all hear people argue about whether “Elementary” or “Sherlock” is the more faithful to the spirit of the original works, but we all really know who did it best:


and here’s the fic to prove it: Persistence of Memory by sanguinarysanguinity, Elementary/22nd Century crossover. Diverges from Elementary after 2x22, and then, well, really diverges.

Sherlock growled in frustration. “I don’t know. After Millieu, I tracked you as far as MI6, and then I hit a wall. I did some work for them, hoping for a way to get inside, or to at least to exchange my cooperation for information, but… zilch. Mycroft tried to tell me that he wasn’t behind it—”

“He wasn’t,” she said. She didn’t remember much from after her rescue from Millieu, but she clearly remembered Mycroft’s rage and panic, and his swearing to her that he would fix it. 

Sherlock snarled. “Don’t tell me that after all that, you still have feelings—”

“I don’t.” Mycroft’s lies to them both, topped by two back-to-back kidnappings, had put paid to that. “But whoever they were, they were trying to control him. And probably you, too.” She could see it all as clearly as if she had been awake for it: she was the leash on them both, and the wedge that had kept them divided from each other. “Mycroft was trying to fix it, too. I remember that much. But the two of you never worked together on getting me out, did you? I bet you two never worked together again.” She gave a dry laugh, unable to stop the bitterness from rising. “That was exactly what they wanted, you know. Think what you might have accomplished if you had.”

Sherlock had gone deathly pale, every line in his body rigid. “Watson,” he finally choked out. “I—”

It was 2198, and everyone she knew was dead. Everyone except Sherlock Holmes.

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How would you compare Elementary and BBC Sherlock when you look at the technical side to things? Like cinematography?


okay I ended up typing up a lot more than I expected and it’s probably boring so:

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Maybe part of the reason Sherlock likes bees so much is because they’re misunderstood by the general public, just like he was as a child in school.

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Just finally finished season 2 of Elementary (late). Here’s some thoughts. Spoilers below if you’re like me and waited forever to finish the season.

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mycroft is so important to me because sherlock spends so much time building these incredibly interesting and complex relationships with people, and they grow and shift and change as he himself grows and changes as he becomes more aware of the effects his actions have on other people, but mycroft - mycroft is his first and only experience of unconditional love and it literally seems to short-circuit him, like he doesn’t know what to do, it does not compute, and it’s not something i think he ever will be able to achieve himself.
And the fact that mycroft understands that and the fact that mycroft still loves and protects his little brother despite this breaks my heart i cry a lot because of mycroft poor mycroft no no no no no no no

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okay but can we clear something up about joan and sherlock




whose orbit is either one really in?

joan watson is not a rocky planet orbiting a brilliant sun

sherlock holmes is not the massive star that’s the only thing that holds joan in place

neither is it the other way around, that’s not the way their relationship has been, especially after all the equality and partnership and “you make me better” and everything that elementary established so well in season one



(or if that’s not exactly how stars work i’m sorry i’m not a scientific expert)

(the point still stands)

YES! I was just about to post the same thing (sort of). I think Joan’s lack of self esteem prevents her from realizing she is a star, equal to Holmes. They are a binary system. And her time away from him may help her come to understand her own worth. Sherlock tells her, they each bring their special talents to the partnership, that’s what makes it work. It is a sweet way of acknowledging how much she cares for him tho’. Joan just needs to learn to value herself as much as she does him, to make the conscious decision to re-enter the dance, the orbit around each other, rather than having just fallen into it by default.

I had a similar thought when the episode aired and just slipped it into fic. not for the first time, I’m sure.

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle named so many characters James.
James was his go to name like really he named Moriarty’s brother James.
Let me rephrase that, he named James Moriarty’s brother James Moriarty.

He really gave zero fucks

In The Man With The Twisted Lip, Mary called John ‘James’. 

Are you fucking kidding me

ACD gave less fucks than you do

It’s always adorable when someone else figures out how very little Doyle cared about Sherlock Holmes.

Snakes drink milk, right? Whatever. Watson got married in … 1888. Or 1889. Or maybe 1887. Who cares. Mary Morstan was an orphan who spent a lot of time visiting her mother. Does Holmes laugh a) frequently b) infrequently c) only when he’s caught a criminal d) all of the above? Who cares, we’re on deadline and I’m broke. One story takes place both in the middle of summer and in October.

Does Holmes know about anything non-essential to his work? No. Does he know the Polyphonic Motets of Lassus and spend his free time deciphering medieval palimpsests? Yes. In Study in Scarlet he doesn’t know who Thomas Carlyle is and in the Sign of Four he quotes him.

And this still led to the first modern fandom and over a century of extremely devoted readers.

Some of the devotion is because it’s confusing - people have spent way too much time trying to come up with chronologies (summarized by the amazing spacefall here). Maybe universes with more flaws naturally attract more fans, because there’s more room for interpretation and addition and filling in the gaps. It seems to work for Star Trek and the X Files and Harry Pottter. (And Greek mythology, if we want to talk about non-modern fandoms)

It should be maddening, but it really isn’t - it feels like opportunity. I really love the contradiction here, both the tiny contradictions within canon that make everything more interesting, and the larger contradiction of a character disliked by his creator but so brilliantly drawn. It makes one feel as if the reason everything works so well regardless is due to some actual animating spirit from the characters themselves. Sherlock Holmes is certainly more real to most people now than anyone who was actually alive at the time.

Or possibly I’m a little overly spiritual from lack of sleep. But I find it wonderful for some reason that 100 years after Doyle gave us that utterly indifferent permission we’re still marrying him, murdering him, and doing anything we like to him.

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