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Okay, I’m feeling a little better about the next season now.

[“maybe-spoilers” and my theories found below]

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I love the layers of truths and lies in this scene from the pilot. “Do you believe in love at first sight?” I’ve read that it was the producers head-on attempt to deal with the whole romance angle brought into play by having a female Watson. Saying, “Ha, gotcha! You thought wrong. There is no love angle here.” But the chemistry between LL and JLM in this scene turns Doherty’s intention on its beam ends, to turn a phrase.

Sherlock’s intention is to make fun of this woman who has been assigned to him. It’s a ruse, a lark, to lead her on and then show her how foolish she was for believing his lines. But his lies, his lines, speak the truth. Whenever a Holmes meets a Watson, it is love at first sight. And in this scene, you feel the importance of their meeting; you can feel their lives begin to quietly intertwine.

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following this conversation about the gifset from the Elementary season 2 gag reel featuring the exchange:

Holmes: I consulted for Willy Wonka for almost ten years.
Watson: Well, so he’s the captain… Did you say Willy Wonka?

It’s my understanding that this is how The Adventure of the Square Detective Who Looked Round continued:

"A captain of industry, yes. And, well, I say ‘consulted,’ but really it was more of an undercover operation."

Watson looked up, trying to gauge whether he was joking. “Ten years undercover for candy?”

"Chocolate has a long history of labour exploitation, stretching back through the colonial era. I suspected his company, and others, of benefiting from a range of unsavory practices."

"So to speak."

"Indeed. Bacon and salt were not yet a staple of gourmet confectioners’ offerings at the time. More prevalent was the secrecy shielding abusive worker conditions and unregulated testing on minors. It took some time to get to the bottom of it."

"From the tales of his extreme paranoia, I wouldn’t have imagined Wonka willing to cooperate, even for clemency."

"And you would be correct. He contacted me to consult on corporate espionage against his competitors, but that wasn’t the task I chose to undertake. In the end, he went down with the rest."

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joan watson + clothes? :)


it takes a lot of effort to keep up that wardrobe without spending the GDP of a small country or depending on her father’s guilt gifts. whenever joan has a chunk of free time, she spends it at consignment shops and sample sales, or browsing her bookmarked sites for “gently used” designer clothing. she learned how to make minor alterations herself, as well as tiny repairs. she kept a small sewing machine in her closet at the brownstone.

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Alfredo + eating at restaurants


there was this one restaurant that used to grab alfredo’s attention when he’d be in the neighborhood casing high-end cars. to him the patrons walking in always looked like they were dressed for a wedding, and the staff happily took their keys and their coats without having to be asked. one night he got high and he rambled for hours about how people rush to take care of you when they know you have money you might be sharing with them. a week later, with a wad of bills in his pocket and a tie around his neck, he and a couple of friends showed up and asked for a table. the maitre d changed his mind about having no available tables when alfredo slipped him a $50.

the food was good—his steak could have been called amazing, actually. and the service was as attentive as he’d expected. but he never went back again. he’d thought it would be nice, watching people putting themselves out for him, but no one would’ve given him a second glance if not for his roll of cash and that made it hollow. that’s how he realized he could never be a bigger player than he already was. he didn’t want followers or underlings that he wouldn’t be able to control or ever completely trust.

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On being a silent, moderate voice in the Sherlock fandom


It’s so freaking hard to talk about anything on Tumblr, isn’t it? It’s frustrating because those conversations were always one of my favorite parts of fandom. But in the last eight months, I’ve found myself staying silent in the face of the vigorous debates that rose in the aftermath of series 3….

I’m going to respond, at the risk of making it all academic and ruining it for everyone (<— this is a joke, intended to lighten the mood, which may or may not read as a joke to you, YMMV, with full acknowledgement that I have been very esoteric and all academicky in the past), with something that I’ve been playing with in my head.

Historically, we’ve thought of fandom as community/ies - virtual places where people share - enthusiasm, ideas, passion, interests, etc. Something they have in common, and it’s the commonality that binds them. In academic literature, it’s not uncommon to see fandom theorized as “imagined communities,” which is an idea borrowed from the political scientist Benedict Anderson (and, wow, his name just took on layers of added significance for me).

An imagined community, as used in fan studies, emphasizes the sense of collective belonging, of a shared vocabulary, values, language - interests - that exceeds face-to-face interactions. And there’s probably no fan that hasn’t felt that way when they’ve stumbled onto a group of people who are talking about something they love in ways that they’ve been thinking or feeling about it all along. I don’t think it’s wrong to think of fandom as imagined community, but what I do think is that, in thinking of fandom as community, we kind of favor the utopian side of communities (camaraderie, friendship, passion, a sense of being in something together, you and me against the rest of the world, etc.).

(so sorry about that last one, by the way)

(and that one too)

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worth clicking through to the original post and the reply’s read more - this is not BBCSherlock-fandom-specific.

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The moment Holmes and Watson meet, are pulled into each other’s orbit… The image is revealing in retrospect - Holmes’ hand envelopes Watson’s, his arm is bare and tattooed with a black band, he carries the marks of his past and he almost seems to be pulling her in. Her hand while smaller looks equal in its grip, her sleeve grey and not revealing much about her, but that one finger, her index finger, crossing on to his wrist, reminiscent of the small touch in “M,” crossing the border into his world.

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You know what else about mycroft? He had this casual sort of disregard for boundaries that wasnt presented as bad the way it has been for Sherlock, they even make it presented as witty or charming. Like when he snuck into one of Sherlock’s na meetings and listened in and made fun of him, and Joan’s just delighted to see him, or when they come home to him in the house with miss Hudson and shes like he let himself in and how convincing he was or whatever (I don’t remember the actual line) but that skeaved me out some.

I have been saying this for ages (like to myself). It’s so wrong.

Especially going into Sherlock’s meeting when he knows full well that Sherlock hates him. Like. You don’t. You don’t fucking do that. You don’t get to push your way into someone’s conscious like that. That is not okay.

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I meant to update this months ago; we’ve now seen Ken Marks as the unnamed moderator/group leader in four of Sherlock’s meetings: 1x02 (twice), 2x07, and 2x21. (that first screencap is just after Sherlock shouted “Amygdala!” and abruptly left the meeting.)

I think we’ve only seen Sherlock at two other meetings: 1x08, when they met Alfredo, and 1x15, when Sherlock told the mongoose story. Alfredo was setting up chairs for one at the end of 1x20 when Sherlock came to tell him about the relapse, and there was also a meeting about to start in 2x17, which Watson and Sherlock attended for an investigation. Have I missed any?

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